About Me

My name is Kenny Porter and I'm a writer living in Grand Haven, Michigan. I've been a fan of sequential art since I was really young, and was introduced to comics through my father, Kenneth James Porter, through his collection of old Star Trek books. We had a comic book shop down the road from our house and any chance I got I'd ride their on my bike and pick up a stack of old Spider-Man or Batman books.

I really got into writing when I was in high school and learned the art of script writing from my freshman year up to the present. I've ghost written screenplays for film production companies, worked on sketch comedy shows, and now write reviews for this blog and write and produce my own comic books, which I hope to have published soon.

It's important for people to discuss the art forms that they love, and since I've started this site it's really shown me how willing people are to participate in wonderful discussions about stories and mediums they care about. I hope you enjoy my reviews, but remember, it's just one man's opinion. I'm more than willing to discuss the aspects of ANYTHING I review here in an open forum.

That being said -- WELCOME!