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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Invincible #100 - Review

“The Death of Everyone” story arc comes to a close in this giant-size issue of Invincible from Image Comics. Issue #99 left readers on a big cliffhanger, and this story picks up right where the last chapter left off. The opening splash page is definitely something you don’t want to miss if you’re an Invincible fan, and this new issue sets up the premise for the next story arc.

The writing by Robert Kirkman in this series has always been strong, and that continues with this issue. It’s been years since Mark Grayson first stepped off his roof and began flying, but Kirkman has managed to keep readers interested for 100 months. Aside from this being a great story, it’s a wonderful achievement for a comic book creator to have an original property reach that level of publication. Kirkman was able to do that with both The Walking Dead and Invincible, and it’s astounding.

The artwork by Ryan Ottley and John Rauch delivers all of the emotion, action, and gore that come with an issue of this series. There were a few particular moments (which I’m not going to spoil for ANYONE) where the distress on people’s faces was so powerful that they came off the page.

Invincible is a series that deserves serious attention, because it’s a superhero genre story that both dissects the genre and celebrates it at the same time. Kirkman explores all of the tropes and popular character stereotypes, but puts his own fun spin and style into the heroes and villains. Even though Mark Grayson isn’t one of Marvel or DC’s characters, he still has a legacy, which is hard to pull off when you’re wearing tights at a different publisher.

Issue #100 isn’t a jumping on point, so if you were new to this story I would start at least a few collected trades back. If you love the idea and concept of superheroes, but are looking for a different take, this title is for you. This issue for long-time readers provides another looking-glass moment for heroes and villains that’s been building up between two characters in the Kirkman-verse.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Walking Dead - The Official Magazine


Hotly anticipated first issue of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine hits newsstands and digital platforms.

The Walking Dead Official Magazine, Issue #1

Titan Magazines and Skybound’s premier issue of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine, based on Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning comic book series, best-selling graphic novels and Emmy-winning AMC television series, hits newsstands and digital platforms on October 23.

This 100-page issue features an inside look at the TV show, comics and everything in-between: The Walking Dead creator/writer Robert Kirkman reveals what’s coming up next on the TV show, which broke basic cable records again with the season three premiere, and how the shocking events of issue #100 of The Walking Dead Comic will affect Rick and our favorite survivors; an exclusive interview with Danai Gurira, who plays the iconic character “Michonne”; an exclusive prologue to the new Walking Dead book, The Road to Woodbury, about the rise of Philip Blake aka The Governor written by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman; behind-the-scenes set visit report; executive producer/showrunner Glen Mazzara tells us why he’s so excited about season three; plus, all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the entire The Walking Dead universe.

The first issue debuted at this year’s New York Comic-Con with a special NYCC variant cover, and an additional nine variant covers are released tomorrow: a newsstand cover featuring “Michonne”; an alternative art cover by The Walking Dead comic artist, Charlie Adlard and colored by The Walking Dead comic colorist Cliff Rathburn; seven retail variant covers with stores Comickaze, Forbidden Planet, Midtown Comics, Redd Skull Comics, Ultimate Comics, Ultimate Treasures and Wade’s Comic Madness, each featuring art by Adlard and Rathburn.

Discussing what fans can expect from the magazine, Robert Kirkman, creator/writer of The Walking Dead, says, "We'll be talking about what's coming up on the TV show, we'll fill you in on what to expect from the comic and you'll hear from all the talented people who work on all the various Walking Dead projects. This magazine is going to rock!"

The magazine will also be available to read on the iPad, Nook and Kindle Fire starting tomorrow, giving Walking Dead fans an exciting alternative to the print edition and a high quality digital reading experience. Just search ‘The Walking Dead Magazine’ on your device’s newsstand or app store.

The magazine is currently offering fans an exclusive FREE The Walking Dead T-Shirt (not available in stores) with new print subscriptions. For more information on this subscription offer and other offers in your territory, visit the magazine website, Readers can also join the magazine on Twitter at and Facebook at to keep up to date with news and special offers and, the source for all news on The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman and all Skybound titles.

The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine issue #1 will be available on newsstands and comic book stores in the U.S. on October 23, in the U.K. on November 8 and Australia & New Zealand on December 18. Digital editions will be available globally on the iPad, Nook and Kindle Fire from October 23.

Contact Details Of Stores With Variant Covers:
Comickaze Comics, San Diego, CA
Forbidden Planet, London, U.K. -
Midtown Comics, New York, NY -
Redd Skull Comics, Calgary, Canada -
Ultimate Comics, Durham, NC -
Ultimate Treasures, 11240 Village Lane Clinton, MI 49236-9595
Wade's Comic Madness, Levittown, PA -

About Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman's success and passionate advocacy for creator-owned comics led him to become the first person invited to become a partner at Image Comics since the company's inception twenty years ago. Kirkman is the creator/writer of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-agesSuper DinosaurThe Astounding Wolf-Man and Thief of Thieves. In 2010, Kirkman formed his own Image imprint, Skybound, which publishes his own work and Witch Doctor, Guarding the Globe andClone. Kirkman has earned the respect of the comic, writing and television communities and topped the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels in 2011 and in April 2012, he took the top five spots on both the hardcover and paperback lists. He's the creator/executive producer and writer of the hit Emmy®-winning television show, AMC's The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S, also an international success in 122 countries and 37 languages. AMC is developing Thief of Thieves as a potential series with Kirkman serving as creator/executive producer and writer. Your destination for all news and merchandise from Robert Kirkman, The Walking Deadand all Skybound titles is

About Image Comics
Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

About The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine
Published by Titan Magazines and Skybound, The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine will be a complete, in-depth guide to The Walking Dead TV series and comics, featuring exclusive interviews with the show cast, as well as comic editors, illustrators and more. The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine is a must-have companion for fans.

Each 100-page edition also includes the latest revelations from The Walking Dead comic team, including interviews with the creators and features showcasing the creative process behind the art. Plus,The Walking Dead creator and writer/executive producer for the show, Robert Kirkman, reveals the latest news from the set and answers fans’ questions.

Issue #1 will be available on newsstands and in specialty comic book stores in the U.S. from October 23, U.K. from November 8 and Australia & New Zealand from December 18.

For more information on The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine visit:

Connect with The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine:

About Titan Magazines
Titan Magazines is the largest and most experienced publisher of licensed entertainment magazines and comics in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Licensing partners include: Aardman - ABC - BBC - Bongo - CBS - DC - Disney - Hasbro - LucasFilm - MGM - NBC - Nickelodeon - Paramount - Twentieth Century Fox - WWE - Mattel

For more information, visit:

About The Walking Dead (TV series)
 “The Walking Dead” is the number one drama series in basic cable history for Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54.  Based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, “The Walking Dead” tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. The series, which garnered a 2010 Golden Globe® nomination for Best Television Series – Drama and won the 2011 and 2012 Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Prosthetic Make-Up, stars Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Scott Wilson, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira and David Morrissey.  Season three of "The Walking Dead" is executive produced by showrunner Glen Mazzara, Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert.

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Walking Dead Magazine - Coming Soon! Press Release

The Walking Dead Magazine – Coming Soon!
Image provided by Titan Magazines and Skybound.

Titan Magazines and Skybound are pleased to announce the launch of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine, based on Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning comic book series, best-selling graphic novels and Emmy-winning AMC television series based upon them. 

Following its transition from groundbreaking comic book to the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time, The Walking Dead has cemented its status, not only as a phenomenon with the wildly diverging fans of horror and of character-driven drama, but as a milestone in quality, mainstream television.

Robert Kirkman, creator/writer of The Walking Dead, debuted the groundbreaking Skybound/Image comic in 2003. In 2010, AMC debuted the hit television series, The Walking Dead, based upon the comic series. The television series became the highest-rated original basic cable drama of all time and an international success in 120 countries and 250 million homes, and counting. In 2011, The Walking Dead graphic novels were the best-selling graphic novels of the year. Now, in 2012, Titan Publishing/Skybound and AMC bring you The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine to answer the burning questions insatiable zombie-loving fans have about the Emmy-winning television show, comics and graphic novels.

The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine will feature an inside look at the comic and show as only a fully sanctioned quarterly can. No one will get more exclusives than this magazine. Get exclusive access to the most successful television adaptation of a comic ever, including in-depth interviews Kirkman, Executive Producer/Writer on the show; Glen Mazzara, Showrunner/ Executive Producer/Writer of the series and David Alpert, Executive Producer of the series. That's not all, readers will hear from all of the leads on the hit TV show beginning with Andrew Lincoln, who stars as Rick Grimes; Sarah Wayne Callies, who stars as Lori Grimes, and Jon Bernthal, who played fan-favorite bad boy Shane.
To get behind-the-scenes on the set with co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero and see how he creates the greatest on-screen zombies ever, fans should read The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine. The only way into the closed door writers’ room to learn about the scripting process lies within the magazine’s pages. Fans will also get the opportunity to ask Kirkman what's coming up in future issues of The Walking Dead, or find out how the series artist Charlie Adlard keeps up with the fast pace of the monthly comic so brilliantly.

The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine debuts on October 23 with 100 pages of all access, no holds barred zombie festing and feasting. With all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the television show and the graphic novels. Get it, read it or be the last to know all the exclusive scoops for every incarnation of The Walking Dead.

Issue #1 of The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine comes with an alternative cover featuring an exclusive, colored zombie scene by The Walking Dead comic artist, Charlie Adlard. This alternative collectors edition is only available through comic stores. Retailers can order via August Diamond PREVIEWS.

Robert Kirkman commented, "This magazine will be your one stop destination for all the news
pertaining to the comic, TV show, video game, toys, games, and whatever else exists in the ever-expanding Walking Deaduniverse!  If it's happening, you'll find out all about it right here!"

Nick Landau, Titan Publisher, added: “We're very excited to be publishing the quarterly The Walking Dead Magazine with Robert Kirkman and Skybound, which will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to get unlimited access to the show and comic."

Fans of the show are urged to join The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with exclusive developments and deals. The magazine is currently offering fans a special pre-order subscription saving 20% off the newsstand cover price! – click here

The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine issue #1 will be available on newsstands and in specialty comic book stores in the US on October 23, in the UK on November 8 and Australia & New Zealand on December 18.

For more information on The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine visit:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Invincible #90 - Review


The one superhero comic book that amazes me every month went and did it again when it reached its 90th issue today. Not only is it a milestone for a creator-owned series like Invincible to reach that many issues, but it’s also a testament to an incredible creative team that keeps bringing something fresh to the rack every month. Kirkman and Ottley never skimp on story, art, and dare I say it, some of the best violence in town.

This issue found the new Invincible, formerly known as Bulletproof, taking on his first villain while being supported by Atom Eve back home. We also got some great scenes between Thragg and Dinosaurus, which ended in one of the most beautiful and violent fights between two characters that I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, we get a look into what makes Mark so special in terms of his Viltrumite heritage.

I understand that many people have jumped on The Walking Dead train, and I think that’s great. Not only has the TV show opened people up the books, but also it’s really let the masses know that comic books don’t always have to be superheroes or big science fiction stories. What I hope happens in the near future is that people realize that Invincible is the superhero story that breaks the mold and that these types of characters can be just as compelling as in any other medium.

If you read Invincible already, this is another issue you can’t miss. If you used to read the series and dropped off at some point, this is a great time to jump back on. And if you’ve never read this comic book before and have been looking for a different take on a superhero universe, I just have one question – what are you waiting for?

This issue gets a 4.5/5.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Invincible #88 - Review


Mark is at his wit's end as he tries to stop Allen the Alien, his brother Oliver, and Thragg from destroying all life on Earth – either through war or through a powerful virus. As the Guardians of the Globe show up to make things worse, a shocking turn puts Mark in danger and hints toward the big shake up that Image has been promising us in the Invincible universe.

Kirkman’s writing never ceases to amaze me in this title. I’m not sure what it’s like on The Walking Dead ongoing series, but in Invincible he’s constantly turning the laws of superhero comics on their heads and delivers plot points and characters that make me wish I had the next issue in my hands. The progress and maturity of Mark as a person with otherworldly powers makes so much sense that I’m surprised that no one has ever done it before. He’s really shaping up to be a person that is both human in his mistakes and noble in the choices he decides to make.

The art by Ryan Ottley in this issue is just as stellar as ever. Ottley has progressively gotten better and better with each issue of this series and it really shows. The power and character behind every panel bleeds through the gutters and off the page. There really isn’t anything you could nit-pick over or say doesn’t work in this book. The layouts are clean cut, the action scenes are dynamic, and the close-ups are emotional and resonate with the reader.

Invincible continues to be one of the best Image Comics titles and one of the best superhero stories in the genre. This issue gets a 5/5.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Invincible: Compendium One - Review


This massive trade paperback of Invincible, created by Robert Kirkman, was released by Image Comics and complies the first nine trade paperback's worth of the incredible series. It follows the story of Mark Grayson, a teenager who has finally matured into his superpowers from his father Omni-Man. On the surface Omni-Man seems like the lovable Superman character and Mark is destined to become his successor. As Mark develops his own identity as the hero Invincible, he starts to discover that his father has ulterior motives, and that the world of superheroism isn't as black and white as he'd like it to be.

I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this giant tome of comic book lore. It tells an incredible story while at the same time spoofing or lampooning some of the comic book's biggest characters and plot cliches. What starts as a light-hearted romp of superhero antics soon turns into a blood bath of betrayal, violence, and harsh reality hitting young wide-eyed dreamers.

There really isn't much to say since this story has been around for years, but as a collected volume it starts out with a bang and doesn't let you go until the end. I'm going to give this collection a 4.5/5. I would have given it a perfect 5/5, but it is a little daunting to carry around. I suppose a tablet/digital version would have been a little more economical, but I do enjoy seeing it on my shelf.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Invincible #85 - Review

A Coming Storm

Nolan and Deborah are "busy" rekindling their romance as they head toward Allen the Alien, who is faced with a tough decision. All of the Viltrumites who once plagued the universe have congregated on Earth under a deal with Nolan that they will remain peaceful. But Allen and the rest of the Coalition of Planets can't take that risk. Allen has become a strong ally to the Grayson family and has even become a caretaker to Oliver, Nolan's other son. The decision he has to make isn't easy, but when the universe is counting on you, you can't leave room for mistakes.

Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by original artist Cory Walker, this issue of Invincible showcased how Nolan has grown as a character and how he wants to atone for the sins of his people and the mistrust he put into his family. It's not a very action-packed issue, but the coming slug fest between Nolan and Allen is going to be one that readers aren't going to want to miss.

This series is just plain fun. It's always had a very light atmosphere with very violent undertones and complex characters. I can see why Kirkman has basically become the king of Image comics. His work always has characters that are easy to relate to, have strong motives, and make you want to read issue after issue. I feel guilty that I haven't finished the first compendium of the series yet. But I plan on fixing that this weekend.

This issue gets a 4/5 for being a great issue. As the 85th issue I hope to the comic book gods that there are 85 more in the future.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Walking Dead: Season One - Review

Kirkman's Epic Devours The Small Screen

Police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up from a coma after being shot in the line of duty. Instead of finding his family waiting for him, he finds the city deserted and ominous warnings about "the dead" written on walls, sometimes scribbled in blood. What he finds instead of his family and friends is a legion of the dead, walking and feasting on anything that's alive. Aided by a surviving father and his son, Rick sets out in a land populated with monsters to find his family, whom he knows in his heart are still alive.

Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman and produced by AMC, The Walking Dead has become a television phenomenon. I actually feel a little guilty that I haven't gotten around to reviewing or even finishing the first season until now. It's slated for a second season starting on October 31st, the anniversary of its original premier. Since it's creation it has taken the ratings by storm and gained a large loyal following on AMC.

The great thing about this zombie TV show is that it isn't really about zombies -- it's about the people who are now forced to actually live their lives in the wake of the dead. The most dangerous things that Rick, his family, and the other survivors have to deal with are people they encounter and themselves. When you can't trust yourself to walk alone in the world for fear of being eaten alive by the undead, it's also hard to trust any living person you might encounter, filled with the same fear and need to survive.

The writing on the show is fantastic. Every episode has a layer of tension so thick that you could sink your teeth into it. Not just the tense scenes with the zombies, but the sequences with human interaction as well. It's no surprise that a genre show that uses its fantastical premise to show the real life effects on individuals would do extremely well. It's that kind of connection to the characters that makes viewers scream at the TV to run, help the others, or stay and fight.

If you've missed this show and you're a big fan of the zombie genre of science fiction and horror, this is the series you've been waiting for. It takes on the premise of zombies taking over the world in a view from the survival standpoint of individuals as a drama instead of trying to make it an action or gore festival. Go out and watch it, you won't be disappointed. Also check out the books that the show is based on. The comics tell the story in a different medium, but also has different fates for different characters. It's definitely worth seeing from both sides.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Astounding Wolf-Man "Director's Cut" #1 - Review

Superhero Meets Supernatural

CEO Gary Hampton is mauled by a bear on a family trip and put into a coma for months. None of his doctors or family members think he'll ever wake up. But Hampton wasn't mauled by a bear, and after he wakes up it's obvious that his attacker was more of the canine variety. When the full moon rises, so does the beast inside of Hampton. After a visit from a mysterious stranger, Hampton is given the chance to learn to control the beast within him and harness his power. If he doesn't, it might come back to bite him.

Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Jason Howard, The Astounding Wolf-Man is a Skybound title published by Image Comics. The artwork is a very simple and clean look, much like that of the early issues of Kirkman's Invincible, but the pacing of the panels and the storytelling is on par with any more complicated book. I for one don't mind artwork to be simple and clean sometimes. I find that some books, like Spawn for instance, sometimes have too many lines and too much detail to them. The clean look of Hampton and Wolf-Man is a welcome change from the comic book norm of over-drawn characters.

The pacing and writing is good for a first issue, considering that the setup has to be stretched over an entire book. We get some glimpses of Hampton as the Wolf-Man, but nothing in terms of a fight or battle. That isn't a bad thing. In fact, I'd say it's a much better way to introduce a character like this. I'm aware that it's been going on for some years now, but as a new reader I'd say that it was more than enough to get me interested in it. I've been on a Kirkman kick lately, and reading this is a direct result of that. So if you're a fan of Kirkman's Walking Dead, Invincible, or even Super Dinosaur, give this book a try. I am.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Invincible: Season One (Motion Comic) - Review

The Best Motion Comic EVER

High schooler Mark Grayson has plenty to worry about -- girls, friends, his part time job at a burger joint. It only gets more complicated when his superpowers FINALLY start showing up. But how can Mark live in the shadow of his father, Nolan Grayson, the famed superhero Omni-Man, who can fly to Egypt to stop a flood in mid sentence? Grayson, filled with a sense of destiny, decides to make his own path as a warrior of justice. It's not easy being a teenager when you're invincible.

Written and created by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Corey Walker, and published by Image Comics, Invincible is a superhero series about being a superhero. It doesn't follow any set universe like Marvel or DC, and it attempts to make it's own vast array of characters and motives within a very well written world. This series, put together by MTV, was a collection of the first 13 issues of the comic book series turned into 6 episodes of a motion comic. This series is actually the best I've ever seen in terms of motion comics, and has me wishing they'd do more.

Most motion comics try to animate the characters within the panels, often making the mouths and characters move slightly. I've always found this a bit unsettling, and a little distracting from the story. This motion comic adaptation, which is done by Jeff Shuter, is more of a radio play with a comic book backdrop. The panels will still move, but the whole panel is either shaken or animated, not the characters. The text is animated, and isn't really needed, but it's nice to have it there anyway.

I just got back from my local comic book store and the person at the counter says that since the release of the motion comic Invincible has been added to six or seven people's pull lists. It's no surprise that a release like this could spike more people's interest, and I'm excited to try and catch up to those who have been reading for years.

The series as a comic book is wonderful, but the motion comic is worth checking out too. For the price of $7.99 on iTunes you can get 13 issues worth of story. That's only 61 cents per story! Wow, I should work in their marketing team.

Bottom line, this is one of those superhero stories that anyone can get into because you don't have to know a universe's size of knowledge to jump right in.