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Zeroes to Heroes - Wednesday Attack Stack 9/5/12


I always get incredibly excited for Wednesdays. Not only do I get to go to my local comic book shop to pick up the week’s releases (which I’ll talk about below), but I also get that rush for wanting to write my own comics to someday grace the racks across the country.

Until that happens I can deal with the methadone clinic type of satisfaction I get from new stories every week.

In terms of writing comic scripts and working on projects I’m nearly 100 percent back on track. I spent much of my free time, outside of work and school, working on pitches for a couple of stories that I had written.

After that I went into a writer’s block sort of state that my therapist tells me shouldn’t be disclosed openly on the web. Okay, so I might have caused a few pile-ups on the freeway, but I swear that the animals were escaping the zoo long before I pulled the switch to let them all out.

In short, I’m writing new stories and things couldn’t be better.

But that’s not all!

Since I’m starting to gain more momentum and actually work in the comics industry, I’ve decided to stop reviewing on my own site.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about books I recommend to other people, or about other forms of media that strike my fancy, but I need to stop critiquing so much.


Because I don’t feel comfortable telling other people in my field how to do their job when I’m trying to do the exact same thing. Plus, many of them are much better at it than I am right now and I don’t need to make any enemies.

So will there still be reviews? Yes. It’s called “Sequential Review.” I’d be stupid not to have them. But I’m going to start outsourcing my reviews to some of my friends. I know that makes my friends sound like a third world country, but I’m okay with that until one of them says something about it.


These are the books I read this week and some blurbs about how I felt about them. They’re not reviews. Although they might sound that way because I'm so used to doing it. I really just want to discuss the craft of sequential storytelling every Wednesday.

I’d say it’s more like you and I are sitting at a table, having a cup of coffee, and we’re going through my stack together. Maybe we catch a glance of a beautiful woman walking her dog outside the coffee shop window, and maybe you spill a frozen drink on my MacBook. Either way, we’re going to have a good time.

But you still owe me a new MacBook.


What can I say about Miles Morales that I haven’t already said? He’s a fun character who should have been in the Marvel Universe a long time ago, even if it is the Ultimate Universe.

He’s got a good back and forth with Ultimate Captain America, and I can’t wait to see how their training goes after Morales’ interesting approach against The Rhino.


I bought A LOT of DC Comics this week. The zero issue bugs bit me and I fell into the marketing trap. But to be honest, I really enjoy DC and the characters they have in their stable.

The sad thing is that I just really didn’t enjoy this too much. He’s got an interesting angle, but it didn’t hook me.

I do think that people who like Dial H will enjoy this, so if you read that series you should pick this up.


Green Lantern has been surprising me lately. I dropped off around the sixth issue, but I’m finding myself being drawn back in.

Simon Baz is the GL who is introduced in this issue, and has a very different back-story than many of the other characters that use a power ring.

Many people are just freaking out over the fact that he’s an Arab American, but that doesn’t define who he is. It’s a very different approach on the Green Lantern series, but I’ve found that every GL has their moment to shine.

Also, big props to Geoff Johns for throwing another Michigan city in there.

BATWING #0 – DC Comics

Batwing is a title I got into after the New 52 premier. I actually just read the first issue only a week ago. I just got the first trade paperback in the mail and I’m excited to read it.

I’ve been all about Batman Incorporated, but I haven’t delved into it as deeply as I should be.

The African setting and the whole new set of problems that this character has to deal with intrigue me.

EARTH 2 #0 – DC Comics

This is a series that I really enjoy, but I felt a little lost on this one. While I do remember the inclusion of the narrator of this issue in previous stories, I don’t feel like this was as naturally woven in as much of the other stuff.

Is Earth 2 still worth it? Of course it is. Just because I didn’t follow it doesn’t mean other people didn’t like it.

Side note – I really enjoy that they’re called “wonders” in this alternate universe. It makes Mr. 8, the 8th wonder of the world, have a little bit of a cool factor, even if he’s a version of Lex Luthor with a full head of hair. Though he might play a bigger role in the future.

GUARDING THE GLOBE – Vol. 2 #1 – Image Comics

I love the world that Robert Kirkman has built in Invincible. In this title we get to see some of the world’s greatest and strangest heroes fight evils of immense proportions.

And by that I mean the monsters that exist in everyday life.

Just a warning, the part about Brit’s child is a very sad read, but very inspiring.

ANIMAL MAN #0 – DC Comics

Buddy Baker’s newly fleshed out origin is detailed in this issue. Animal Man has been my favorite series for this whole past year. Grant Morrison made me love Baker with his run on the character and Jeff Lemire is expanding that appreciation.

The story is really all about family and how important it is to Baker and how he’ll do anything to protect them or others from harm. It gives him much more motivation for his heroic deeds against threats like The Rot.

It was an added bonus that we got to see The Tailors in an earlier issue to describe their role in making it look like an alien incident the first time around (to change the continuity to that of the New 52), so that it didn’t seem forced in at the last second.

I also love the fact that Baker ended up becoming more powerful on his own and recently received an upgrade to that of a true avatar of The Red in the most recent issues.

It’s made me rethink whose powers I would chose to have if I met a genie. Come on, the whole animal kingdom to mix and use at your disposal -- strength, speed, longer life, and regeneration? Sign me up!


I did pick up a ton of other books this week, but due to school and having that annoying habit of eating and sleeping I won’t be able to get to them.

One thing I will post about is an incredible treasure I found in a back issue box at my local comic book store.

Maybe I’ll replace my usual body functions so that I can post about it. I mean, who needs to breathe anyway?

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