Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Attack Stack - 9/12/12

A Wednesday full of Emotions

This Wednesday didn't have nearly as many issues waiting for me in my pull box at the comic book store. But I was surprised at the amount of strong emotions I got in the few that did show up.

Out of the comics pictured, Batman, Batman and Robin, and Action Comics were the most poignant. American Vampire and Punk Rock Jesus were still great issues. All of them were great stories, but the first three really had strong and iconic moments this month.


In Batman #0 they explore one of Bruce Wayne's first missions as a vigilante, but without a costume or clear purpose. We also get to see The Red Hood in his early days, which is a real treat.

The part of the issue that was so powerful was the backup story about the different members of the bat-family when they were younger. Each of them experiences the idea of Batman in a different way and are finally inspired by the signal being flashed up in the sky. It really made me hope that the message and symbolism that Batman carries stands out to as many people as it does to me.

What does it mean?

It means something different to everyone. But the Batman symbol, at least to me, means standing against the darkness of the world and doing what you can to help others who can't fight back.


A very similar sort of thing happened in Action Comics #0 this month. Now it didn't come out this week, I forgot to pick it up last Wednesday, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still really powerful. The main story has to deal with Superman losing his cape during one of his first conflicts, and a young kid taking the indestructible cloth home.

The kid who takes the cape home stands up to his abusive father (or his mom's boyfriend) and saves the lives of both himself and his brother. The story was about standing up to the bully, which the original incarnation of Superman was all about.

I think that people really forget that he was supposed to be the symbol of the oppressed. Much like how Batman's symbol means something that comes from the urge to fight back the darkness, Superman's symbol reminds us that if just one of us is willing to stand up to villains in the world, it would be a better place.


I like Robin. There, I said it. I like all the Robins as a matter of fact. I think that the position of The Dark Knight's sidekick gets played down and dumped on a lot, but it's one of the most important in all of comic book lore.

This story focused on Damian, Bruce Wayne's son, who trains all his life to earn the right to know who his father is. There's an adorable and creepy moment where he discovers one of Bruce's old costumes and puts it on as a young child.

Damian has always been interesting because he's far more dangerous that Batman is. He has a taste for murder and is more likely to send someone to the hospital or the morgue than any other member of the bat-family. Even Jason Todd (The Red Hood), and that's saying something.


I might talk a little bit about my Image titles that I didn't get to read, what with all the school work I had to do, but I just wanted to share these thoughts about these iconic characters.

I think that people forget that it's not so much about the punching and explosions when it comes to superheroes, but it's more about what they stand for. DC characters have always been about being people you could aspire to if given great power. These issues were examples of why it's important to remind everyone about them.

Marvel, that's a whole different set of importance for a different day.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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