Friday, August 24, 2012

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 1 - Review

The death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Marvel Universe is a very emotional moment for all of the alternate versions of Earth's mightiest heroes. When Miles Morales is bitten by a similar spider, giving him the strength, speed, and surprising new abilities to become the world's next web-slinger, a series of chance encounters propels him into the role of a hero.

The Ultimate Universe has always been a place that can take more chances and attempt riskier storytelling than the regular Marvel Universe (616). Morales, a very young African American and Latino man, is not only the change to the Spider-Man mythology that we needed, but it's what we never new we always wanted.

Morales is caught up in a world very different than the one Parker started his career in. The world is falling apart, mutants are being put into concentration camps, and the reputation of Spider-Man proceeds him. Combine that with a very different origin story, a new set of powers (including invisibility and a spider's sting) and you've got millions of story possibilities to take off with.

Brian Michael Bendis is the architect of the Ultimate Universe. It was his original Ultimate Spider-Man that started it all. Now he's not only re-imagined Marvel, he's re-imagined the legacy of Spider-Man as a symbol in New York City.

Sara Pichelli is an incredible artist who conveys emotion and depth in every character that she draws. Her style seems best suited for the Ultimate series, since it combines a great mixture of cartooning and realism. The Ultimate stories have always had more of a brighter look than the regular Marvel titles, like the world is just slightly more animated. Pichelli nails that tone and keeps it working through this first collection.

The series is still being released monthly, and recently released a great jumping on point for new readers, but this first collection is where you want to start if you want to get in on the ground floor of Marvel's newest hero.

RATING: 8.5/10

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