Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daredevil #17 - Review

Image from Marvel Comics
Matt Murdock reflects on the past events that have split him and his best friend Foggy Nelson apart. As his mind wanders, he remembers an encounter with Stilt-Man, a C-list super villain who showed up the last time Matt and Foggy nearly went their separate ways. It’s an adventure-filled memory that might shed some light on the situation that the man without fear is now facing.

I’ve got one name to really stress in this issue – Mike Allred.

Allred’s art is something to behold in this issue of Mark Waid’s new run on Daredevil. Allred’s iconic style fits perfectly into the tone and pacing of Waid’s take on the man without fear. The movement and gestures that Daredevil exhibits in costume are both classic and full of expression in every panel.

Waid’s story is a heartfelt classic tale of superheroism, and features a wonderful C-list villain that everyone can get excited about. It’s a story that lets us take a break from the main narrative, but still lets us reflect on what’s going on in Matt’s life currently. Not to mention that Stilt-Man has never looked or felt more fun on a Marvel Comics page.

Allred is supposedly slated to be working on many Marvel titles in the future, including Wolverine and the X-Men and FF. You can be sure that we’ll be getting even more pop-art themed comic book greatness from Allred and Marvel before we know it.

RATING: 8/10

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  1. Mike Allred is the best artist to depict Daredevil since Paolo Rivera, I see a pop-styled Wally Wood when looking at the pages. Allred was born to pencil DD, and I sure as hell hope that this is a prelude to more issues in the not too distant future !!!!