Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Batman Incorporated #3 - Review

Batman Incorporated #3 - DC Comics

There’s something about Grant Morrison Batman comics that just feels right. In Batman Incorporated #3, we get the return of Matches Malone – Bruce Wayne’s other secret identity as a criminal who always knows what’s going on in the underworld of Gotham. As Bruce plays the part of Matches, he explores the reach that Leviathan has taken on the world. Meanwhile, Damian is tired of playing dead, and plans to make a new debut.

This was the comic book Morrison was born to write.

I’m a huge fan of Morrison’s Batman and Robin, and this series feels like a direct continuation of it. It isn’t necessarily in the New 52 continuity, and if it is it’s loose, but either way it’s so fun that there’s no reason to care. I’ve never been a stickler for continuity, and this book proves that you don’t need it to advance the characters and have an intriguing story.

Chris Burnham’s artwork has the same unique touch that Frank Quitely’s work has, but is much cleaner and lends itself well to Morrison’s writing style. The new costume that Damian appears in is sleek, cool, and definitely something I could get used to seeing more often if he ever moves from the Robin role.

And if Burnham wants to draw Bat-Cow in any comic book, I’m more than willing to read it.

For fans of The Dark Knight Rises, this has much to do with Talia and the League of Shadows. It’s a series that incorporates all of the previous elements of older Batman stories, while modernizing them and making them work in a new and refreshing light.

RATING: 8/10

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