Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Animal Man #12 - Review

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Buddy Baker has had enough of The Rot and is ready to take the fight to them. As he and his family search the swamps for Alec Holland, Cliff has visions of a horrible world in the future.

This is what we’ve been waiting for since the launch of the New 52. Animal Man and Swamp Thing have begun the crossover event known as “Rotworld,” and even the prologues are worth reading over two different series.

Jeff Lemire’s take on the Baker family is putting them through hell. It’s a concept that Grant Morrison used to the full extent on his run, and Lemire is using the signature Animal Man family dynamic to tell an incredible story. Baker, Maxine, Cliff, and Ellen are all going through hardship, and this story lets us know that they’re in it together.

If you're a new reader, this isn't an issue for you. It's the result of a story that's been told over the past year, an epic about the forces of animal life and plant life fighting the powers of rot and death. If you want to read one of the comic book medium's best series, you'd better catch up any way you can.

Aside from all that, artwork is top notch, the tensions are high, and Baker finally put a shirt on. It’s an issue you don’t want to miss.

RATING: 8/10

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