Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Punk Rock Jesus #1 - Review

When I picked up my stack of comics this week, I thought it was going to be tough to pick one that would end up being my favorite. I had an issue of just about all my favorite series this week due to rescheduling, but I was completely surprised when something new won me over.

I’ve been excited for the release of Punk Rock Jesus since I found out about it at C2E2 this year. Now, after reading the first issue, I know that the wait was worth the anticipation.

Punk Rock Jesus is the story of Chris, a publicized clone of Jesus Christ lined up to be the star of a new reality show for a corporation. Behind the public good intentions of cloning Christ into the world, shady characters and dark dealings are filling every crack of the island that the show is set on.

Trust me, the last page is enough to solidify that statement.

Written and drawn by Sean Murphy, each page is presented on newspaper prints that make it feel all the grittier. The black and white color scheme is just what the doctor ordered, and Murphy spares no expense in storytelling or the backgrounds in panels. Murphy's artwork is some of the most original I've seen in comics, and this is an example of him going all the way with it.

The characters are full of emotion, the pacing is incredible, and the first issue sucks you right into the world that Murphy has built around young Chris. It’s the kind of series you can hand to people who don’t enjoy mainstream comics to get them into the medium.

This issue is the first of six in a limited series, and is available now in print and digital. I suggest getting it anyway you can if you enjoy stories about political intrigue, religious debate, and a character with the odds stacked against him.

RATING: 9.5/10

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  1. This sounds like a real good 'en thanks to your review! Like the whole newspaper feel about it, that's quite original for a comic and would be interesting to read.

    Really liking your blog btw. Getting a follow from me!