Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Earth 2 #3 - Review

Alan Scott takes the mantle of Green Lantern in this new issue of Earth 2 and it couldn’t be more different than the original universe. Without going into too many spoilers, some of the elements of The Green from Swamp Thing are used in a new way to bestow the powers of imagination onto Scott. The result of which also brings a classic villain back in a bold new way with a much more updated look.

Aside from the Scott storyline, we also get a peak into the new direction Jay Garrick is going with his life after being given the powers of Mercury. Another character enters the stage and sets up a new relationship with Garrick.

James Robinson is a writer who excels at writing the Golden Age characters. His new takes on Green Lantern and Flash in this alternate universe are thought out and very entertaining. A world without Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman can still be a world of wonder and heroes, and Robinson is proving that with this series.

The one drawback I would have to say with this issue is that the cover depicts a more suit of armor styled Green lantern outfit, while inside it’s more of the classic skin tight affair. It still looks fitting to the style of costumes on this alternate Earth, but it made me a little nostalgic for the Kingdom Come armor that Scott wore.

Despite that one personal detail, I really enjoyed this issue. This series has gotten me way more excited than some of the regular titles, and I think it’s the kind of shake up that the DC Universe needed. Scott is a character who was begging to be elaborated on, and it will be thrilling to see him take the mantle as Earth’s protector.

This isn’t the best issue out of the series so far, but it is really enjoyable and sets up the promise of big things to come.

RATING: 7/10

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