Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wonder Woman #10 - Review

Wonder Woman is knee deep in trouble as she stands at an altar in Hell, waiting to be married. But when her lasso is turned on her, a surprising answer startles not only her monstrous suitor, but anyone reading the issue as well.

Brian Azzarello, Kano, and Tony Akins deliver a Wonder Woman issue that’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I haven’t ventured into the realm of Diana since the launch of the New 52, but I’m glad that I finally made the effort.

I will admit that Cliff Chang’s beautiful cover for this issue initially drew me to the book, and it’s completely reflective of the quality behind it.

Wonder Woman is often criticized as being “just a girl” in the Justice League. This new take on the might Amazon is the antithesis of that statement. She’s courageous, strong willed, and has a moral code that she refuses to let go of. This is what should have been done with all of the Justice Leaguers after the New 52. If they would have taken this route with Superman he might have made a bigger splash.

The artwork is very stunning, even though it’s done by a large number of people. I’m a little sad that Cliff Chang didn’t do the interiors of this issue, but Kano and Akins don’t disappoint. I found myself wanting more after reading this issue, and I’ve never said that about this character before.

It’s sincerely doubtful, but if they do a movie adaptation of Wonder Woman, it should be this version. It blends the mythology aspect so seamlessly that it’s on a whole different level than the other DC books.

RATING: 8/10

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  1. I feel a movie version of her should be more based on the version of her in the animated movies, starting from the one presented in 2009.