Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Planetoid #1 - Review

Garing's sci-fi fills the gap

Science fiction is a genre that's been lacking in the comic book medium, and Planetoid is a wonderful solution to that problem. This new first issue is published by Image Comics and is both written and drawn by creator Ken Garing, who gives us a wonderful and imaginative view into a whole new world.

Silas is a smuggler who crashes on a small planetoid that isn't registered and has a strange magnetic field surrounding it on all sides. He finds an abandoned industrial world where many ships and other pieces of metallic junk in space have been pulled down to the surface. But the rust and junk piles aren't the most dangerous thing on the planetoid. It's the robotic creatures that crawl across the landscape.

The writing in this story is really intriguing. It comfortably throws you in and keeps you reading even though it's a brand new character on an unknown world. It can be likened somewhat to Image's Prophet, but only in the inital opening. It takes a much different direction that keeps it fresh and original, while calling back to some of cinema's great dirty future epics like Alien or Blade Runner.

The artwork is breathtaking. The detail in the abandoned factories and techincal layouts is really something to revisit over and over. And the designs of the robots are some of the coolest I've seen in American comics. There's a giant serpent-like robot that really showcases Garing's ability to come up with metal monsters.

Image has had no shortage of intriguing new series to put on the comic book stands. Planetoid is a series, much like Saga, that really ignites and embraces science fiction in the comic book medium.

RATING: 8.5/10

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