Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Justice League Dark #10 - Review

John Constantine and the JLD arrive at their new home away from home – The House of Mystery! It’s a magical house that exists and moves through limbo, and is even more mysterious on the inside. With shifting rooms and strange magic behind every door, the JLD try to decide what to do with the powerful map they’ve been given to hold on to. The question now is whether they should go after the sacred magical texts that the map leads to, or destroy to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands?

This is the second issue of Justice League Dark that’s been written by Jeff Lemire and that’s exactly what it feels like, a second issue. Lemire took the team and the series in a very different direction in the last issue, and it almost feels as if it’s started back at number one. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s almost as if it’s been rebooted. There are certain story elements that have to be addressed now, so it feels like some ground is being covered again in order to catch people up.

Though those are a few problems in terms of storytelling, I did enjoy the issue on the whole.

It reads well, it has great artwork from Mikel Janin, and furthers the Dark regions of the DC Universe. It’s on the way to getting its footing, and it’s not there yet, but you can tell that it’s definitely closer. Constantine’s personality hasn’t fully come out yet in this series, but it can’t be easy taking a character with over 200 issues in his own series and attempt to plug him into the mainstream superhero universe.

RATING: 6.5/10

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