Monday, June 4, 2012

Ink Ribbon - Press Release

My first comic gets a new release


Michael Green is an art thief who thrives on self - reliance. But when the biggest job of his career leaves him fatally wounded, he soon realizes that his lone wolf mentality might be the death of him.

This title is currently available on the Drive Thru Comics website and will soon be available through Graphicly, Panelfly, and Ave Comics.

Drive Thru Comics:

A Brief Interview with INK RIBBON creator Ken Porter

Tell us what got Ink Ribbon started?

I've always been a fan of both American and Japanese comics. Both have very different ways of telling a story sequentially, but both are really effective. What I wanted to do was merge some of the aspects together to try and tell a crime story that had a fable-like morality story to it. I took the art style and pacing from Japanese manga and melded it with America's love for crime stories.

What one thing about the story would you like most to point out?

The thing I'd like to point out most is that Michael Green isn't supposed to be taken as an example of someone to idolize. Not entirely at least. He's great in the sense that he's a survivor and that he's been able to take care of himself since he was young, but it's also his biggest flaw.
We want to add, Aly Sasagawa's art provides the perfect blend of crime-noire and Manga, giving us a solid world of shadowy crime, mixed with dynamic energy!  Any thoughts on bringing this to Visionary?

I'm really excited to be working withVisionary. Every person that I've worked with has been more than helpful at making "Ink Ribbon" the best it could possibly be, while also making sure my voice and intentions remained in the story.

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