Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Earth 2 #2 - Review

Wonders return to Earth 2

The bold new direction of DC’s Earth 2 continues as Jay Garrick is given the power of a god and Alan Scott makes a bold move in his relationship with the love of his life. But what role does Mister Terrific play when he stumbles onto Earth 2? Can he survive an attack by the universe’s self-proclaimed smartest man on Earth?

Earth 2 continued to surprise me this month with another wonderful issue from James Robinson. I can feel that Starman magic on this title with the mix of modern and Golden Age superheroes. This world has it’s own problems that will need unique heroes to tackle them, and it’ll be interesting to see a DC Universe with none of the Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) still alive and kicking.

The artwork by Nicola and Trevor Scott was strong on this issue. The new costume that Garrick wears was a little weird at first, but I realized that it would be the most logical way to update the original costume.

This is one of those mainstream books that are removed far enough from the norm that it can surprise me with every development. I’m excited to read Scott’s transformation into Green Lantern, and whether it will be more magical based (which was hinted at) or science based.

RATING: 8/10

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