Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Batman Incorporated #2 - Review

Batman Incorporated deviates from the shocking scene at the end of the last issue, and instead gives us a look into Talia al Ghul’s life as she grew up under the guidance of her father and the League of Shadows. She has a plan to punish Batman once and for all, and somehow the assassination (or fake assassination) of their son Damian is at the heart of it.

Grant Morrison changed the game with Batman and Robin after Bruce Wayne’s alleged death, and this issue reminds us what that title would have been like if he stayed on it. The story takes us deeper into the minds of some of Batman’s greatest enemies, and sets up a payoff that is surely coming down the road.

Chris Burnham’s art is vibrant and incredibly fun. The pages where we revisit some of Batman and Talia’s most important moments are all full of life and play well into the story that Morrison has woven. It’s a distinct look that belongs in a Morrison comic.

With all that being said, this definitely isn’t the Batman series for everyone. It’s a much more out-of-the-box title with a story that isn’t afraid to deviate from the current continuity. If you’re looking for some signature Morrison bat action and enjoyed his run on Batman and Robin, this is a surefire way to enjoy a quick but deep read.

RATING: 8/10

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