Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega (Part 5) - Review


WRITER: Brian Wood

ARTISTS: Roland Boschi, Dan Brown, Mark Brooks, Andrew Currie, Cam Smith, Ronda Patinson

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

PRICE: $3.99

I picked up this issue thinking that it was the next in the main line of stories from Wolverine and the X-Men. It turns out I was wrong, but I wasn’t disappointed. The main series that’s being penned by Jason Aaron is getting rave reviews. I can’t vouch for that series yet, but this limited series written by Brian Wood seems to have struck a similar vein.

This story deals with Wolverine and another mutant named Armor who are trapped in a mental construct of psychic mutant Quentin Quire. In this final issue we see the three of them trying to escape the reality that Quire has developed and lost control of. When they escape the reality Quire has to face up to the school’s angry headmaster, Wolverine. But you might be surprised how Marvel Comic’s front man takes the experience.

Even though I walked into this story at the very end, I don’t feel as if I missed out on too much. In fact it only makes me want to read it more. Wood was able to put enough of the themes of the limited series into this issue that I instantly understood what was going on, what the stakes were, and how characters had changed afterwards.

The art was handled by a huge team. This often happens in bigger superhero books when the deadline is approaching and the work is piling up. I didn’t notice too many changes in the art, but I enjoyed it on the whole. There were a couple of times that I wasn’t completely sold on the look of Wolverine’s face, but other than that it was pretty solid.

I still haven’t gotten a taste of the main series, but this limited story seems like it was a winner and has made me even more excited to try the original title. I’m going to give this issue a 4/5 for surprising me with content and delivering some very fun X-Men scenes.

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