Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Unwritten #37 - Review

The cult of Taylor has risen

Tommy Taylor’s power has influenced the world in more ways than anyone could have imagined. Now there are entire churches dedicated to the words of Wilson and Tommy Taylor, and those that believe that the stories of the world are dying. But as a police detective investigates missing youths and Taylor cults, a shocking new discovery is made about those that follow the words of Taylor.

I had heard that The Unwritten was going to be ending soon, but I wasn’t expecting a whole new story arc and direction to the story. Mike Carey and Peter Gross have been writing a literary epic that makes readers remember why stories are so important to our culture and society. This new arc seems like it’s going to delve deeper into that, but it does give off a bit of a weary feeling.

The epic confrontation with the Cabal has already happened, and it seemed like the more natural thing to do was move to an epilogue of the story. This new plot line seems a little strange to be doing this late in the game, but it could be part of a larger epilogue to give the readers a bigger sense of Taylor’s impact on the world.

I can’t say that I was thrilled with the addition of more story, but I don’t hate it either. I’ll continue reading because I really want to know how this story is going to end, I just kind of wish they would have gone out on the high note. This issue was just kind of luke warm.

RATING: 2.5/5

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