Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hellblazer #291 - Review


This issue is the epilogue of “Another Season in Hell,” which dealt with John Constantine traveling to the eternal pit to face his tormented sister and discover the shocking truths about his family. In this story he teams up with his niece Gemma to try and stop Constantine’s evil twin, the same one that raped Gemma and ruined the trust she had in her uncle. The stakes have never been higher for Constantine than at this moment.

Peter Milligan has been doing a wonderful Hellblazer run. It’s always one of my favorite comics every month, and all though this was a little slow in terms of pacing, it was still very enjoyable. I really liked seeing Constantine perform all of the horrible tasks of Dark Magic in order to help Gemma try to get over the trauma she went through.

The artwork by Gael Bertrand was very stylish and fit the Hellblazer universe very well. Bertrand’s artwork had sharp lines and grim atmosphere that rang true to the characters and story throughout the issue. There was a great moment where we got to see a cross section of the evil Constantine’s head and brain when a syringe goes through his eye.

This wasn’t the most exciting or witty issue of Hellblazer, but it was still entertaining. It was the necessary epilogue to the plot line that had been going on, though I would have liked to have seen Constantine’s wife in it for at least a couple of scenes. But hey, that’s a small complaint.



  1. Peter Milligan is ruining Hellblazer. He's a godawful writer who has no understanding whatsoever of what makes Constantine tick, and no understanding whatsoever of what Hellblazer is about. And this issue is about as bad as it gets.

    1. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I've thought it's been pretty fun so far in terms of what I've read. It's not the best run on the character, but it's worth reading to see a difference in Constantine's situation. At least you know that eventually he's going to loose everything and get set back to square one. It wouldn't be a Hellblazer book if he didn't. Hopefully you enjoy the next run a bit better!

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    3. I guess he didn't get set back to square one, did he?

  2. This was supposed to be about Gemma’s revenge, you know being raped by someone who's not only her relative but someone she loved and looked up to. Whichever bellend was responsible for the piss poor dialogue should be shameful. The lack of emotion really portrayed the climax of Gemma’s revenge.
    "I think she's joking"
    "I really think she's joking"
    4/5 my arse, bet you're on the take =]

  3. Like I said, you're entitled to your opinion.