Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FF #18 - Review

Professor Storm has class

The Future Foundation has a substitute teacher for the day – Professor Johnny Storm! As the class gets ready for what they expect to be a boring lecture on the language of love, it soon turns into an unexpected field trip into the negative zone. But when they arrive to take a simple tour, Storm learns that his political power in the negative zone may have been taken out from under him.

Written by Jonathan Hickman with art my Nick Dragotta, this issue of FF had all of the humor, adventure, and super science that have made this secondary Fantastic Four series so wonderful.

Hickman has been playing with Marvel’s first family for a while, but it always feels like an exciting first issue whenever you read a new installment. The pairing of Storm with all of the adopted children and members of the FF has a great chemistry that pits all of their wits against Storm’s more brash approach to things.

Dragotta has a really slick style that translates well to this motley crew of characters. Storm looks like an updated version of the original character design, and I really enjoy the white uniforms that the team has taken on in the more recent series.

The best part of this book is the very different personalities of all the children. They always have something funny to say and I’m excited to see them eventually become a part of the bigger Marvel Universe when they’re unleashed on the world.

Fans of super science, inter-dimensional travel, and field trips that go hilariously wrong will enjoy this. There isn’t a ton of action in this issue, so if you were looking for a slugfest I’d get a different book this week.

RATING: 4.5/5

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