Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daredevil #13 - Review


One of the greatest titles at Marvel continues as Daredevil faces off against the five Megacrime organizations. The fight is for the Omega Drive – a hard drive made from the unstable molecules of a Fantastic Four uniform that holds all of the data of the syndicates. It’s a battle in Time’s Square that can’t be ignored as they descend on the man without fear with extreme prejudice. But just like every issue of this new series, things might be a little more complicated than they look.

Mark Waid’s writing is top notch in this issue, and this end to the omega drive arc was an interesting story. No one would have expected Daredevil to become the target of groups like HYDRA or A.I.M., but he became their number one public enemy overnight. The way that it’s orchestrated and finally taken care of is what quickly will become the new standard for Daredevil comics.

Khoi Pham covers all of the excitement on the pages of this month’s issue with his artwork. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I have past artists on the title, but it did fit the tone and feeling of the story. There was a great reveal moment at the end that was depicted well, and he knew how to move Matt Murdock in a combat setting.

The thing that I’ve found really weird about this title is the staggering number of people who won’t give it a try. I guess there are people who think that Daredevil is boring because he’s blind or not as big of a player in the Marvel Universe. As someone who has been following this new run from the start, I can promise all of you that doubt this book that it’s worth the time.


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