Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CLiNT #2.1 - Review


The comic magazine is back this month with four new comics for readers to sink their teeth into. Each comic is of a very different style, tone, and structure, but each one has something interesting to offer.

The comics include Supercrooks, Rex Royd: Kid Detective, The Secret Service, and Death Sentence.

Supercrooks, written by Mark Millar with art by Leinil Yu, is a viewing glass into a world where no costumed thief can make a living in America without being busted by superheroes. This story had a very interesting setup and could lead to some very interesting developments as the villains move out of the heroes’ jurisdiction.

Rex Royd: Kid Detective, written by Frankie Boyle with art by Mike Dowling, is a very meta look at the world of superheroes and the troupes that go along with the genre. It’s definitely not for everyone, and I’d recommend reading it twice to catch everything. Though I’d have to read more to know if it’s something I’d stick with.

The Secret Service, written by Mark Millar with art by Dave Gibbons, is a spy story that takes some interesting turns in the realm of pop culture and the climb from street hooligan to government agent. This made me smile quite a few times. The character moments and dialogue all feel genuine, and there’s some great twists and turns in the story.

Death Sentence, written by Montynero with art by Mike Dowling, is another original take on superpowers where a virus gives people abilities before killing them six months later. Each character has a different reaction to the virus, the powers, and their unique life situations.

This issue of CLiNT has a little bit of everything for every comic reader. There’s science fiction, espionage, drama, mind trips, and action. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up this magazine, now’s the time to hop over.

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