Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Secret #1 - Review


WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Hickman

ART BY: Ryan Bodenheim

COLORIST: Michael Garland

LETTERS: Rus Wooton

PUBLISHED BY: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

Jonathan Hickman takes his unique storytelling and ideas to a new battlefield in his latest series from Image Comics. In Secret, Hickman explores the world of corporate security and espionage. The way he writes corporate entities makes it feel as if they’re countries vying for military supremacy on Wall Street. And it works on every level. This comic has all of the same great aspects of a political or corporate thriller that makes people’s skin crawl when they realize how easy it is to steal information. Not only that, it reminds us just how powerful information can be.

The artwork by Ryan Bodenheim is very stunning. I wasn’t familiar with his work before this issue, but I’ll be looking for more of it in the near future. He completely captures the subtleties of pain and desperation in the faces of the characters and makes you believe that they have real world counterparts somewhere on the planet. The coloring by Michael Garland is also very impressive. Much like the film Traffic, the story is color coded in every panel depending on the characters and mood of the scene.

This comic isn’t for the casual reader who likes lots of action and things going “boom.” This is for the type of reader that loves a really intriguing plot with high stakes. Just from the first issue it’s clear that there are many twists and turns to be had in this series, and I know I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue.

If you’re looking for something in the thriller category and haven’t found your fill, or if you want to just get in on an incredible new comic book, Secret will be right up your alley. This first issue gets a 4.5/5 for not pulling any punches when it comes to story, tone, and characters.

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