Monday, April 9, 2012

Podcast is coming back!


So since I've been getting so many lovely comments and personal emails about the videos that we've been doing, I think it's time to bring back the Sequential Review Podcast. We recorded about three episodes previously, and left it alone for a year. All of them are available on iTunes for download, and if you want to subscribe I can promise you at least one new episode this week, maybe two.

Here's the overall plan for content from now on:

1. At least 1-2 written reviews a week by me, and 1-2 written reviews by other writers.

2. At least 1 video review/discussion a week.

3. At least 1 podcast episode where we review/discuss a book, movie, TV show, or topic.

Just trying to get more content out there for people to gobble up.

Try to remember that I might not always be able to deliver on all of this. I'm currently working as an Assistant Editor for Viper Comics, I've got a one-shot coming out from Visionary in May, and I'm producing other indie comics with great creative teams on the side. All the while writing reviews for the wonderful Cosmic Book News team.

Enjoy anything that does make its way on the site, and I look forward to your feedback!

-Kenny Porter

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