Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Justice League Dark #8 - Review


WRITER: Peter Milligan

ARTIST: Daniel Sampere

COLORS: Admira Wijaya

LETTERS: Dave Sharpe

COVER: Ryan Sook


EDITOR: Matt Idelson


PRICE: $2.99

I really like the concept of Justice League Dark. I like it way more than I do the recent revamp of Justice League. But I feel like the series is at a snail's pace when it should be moving like a bullet train. The JLD in this issue continue their fight against Cain and the legion of vampires that have infested Gotham City. Batman is on the scene, though he's just kind of in the background, and half the team is sent to purgatory to retrieve Andrew Bennett, the only vampire who can stop the attack on humanity.

I enjoy Milligan's work on Hellblazer, but I'm just not feeling it during this story arc. All of the characters are misfits, I get it. But they don't have any drive and are just kind of there. It feels like when you're hanging out with your friends somewhere and everyone is annoyed because there's nothing to do. There's no sense of urgency or mission, and that's something that you need in any Justice League title.

Sampere's artwork is pretty good in this issue. There are a few times that I felt like Zatanna was more a pair of breasts than an actual human figure, but overall I enjoyed the tone that was laid throughout the issue. The layouts moved well and the pacing was spot on, and the level of detail was perfect for a horror and action title.

What I'm looking for out of this book is the mixture of action and horror that we're getting on Swamp Thing or Animal Man. I think the reason this title isn't jumping out like the other "dark" titles is because the characters are so scattered in terms of their motivations and their actions as a team. I'm willing to give this book a shot as Jeff Lemire hops on as the writer, but right now I'm just not enjoying this arc. I enjoyed the first story line, so maybe it's just this crossover that's not doing it for me.

This issue gets a 2.5/5. It was a fun enough book, but it just felt like an event filler issue. I'm not giving up on the concept or title yet, but this story line has run dry for me.

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