Wednesday, April 4, 2012

iZombie #24 - Review


If there’s something I’d like to devote money to in terms of literary research, it’s the connection between people who create comics and the people who love music culture. It seems that many creators and enthusiasts seem to have a cross over area with rock ‘n’ roll that should really be explored and discussed. But the people who get the attitude, tone, and lifestyle of rock ‘n’ roll comics down are definitely artists Mike Allred, Jim Rugg, and writer Chris Roberson.

Rugg and Roberson give us an issue of iZombie that’s a little less about Gwen and more about Agent Kennedy. We get a really fun trip down memory lane about a band with ties to a science fiction novelist, who also has ties to creatures from another universe. All of this is a recipe for cool on a scale that can’t even be measured.

The characters, art style, and even the fictional band, Ghost Dance, all feel authentic and very well crafted. Not only does the story move along at a wonderful pace, but it also pulls you in and makes you care about the end of the world and how it affects these characters.

Allred has proven he can add his rock ‘n’ roll attitude to just about any series and can make it a hit, but Roberson has taken Allred’s style and given it a really unique direction in the horror genre. Rugg brings his own touch to the style of iZombie in this installment and it really shines. I honestly had to fix this post because I thought Allred had done this issue as well. Luckily I was corrected by a very special individual. This issue gets a rockin’ 4/5 for knocking it out of the park and continuing the magic on one of Vertigo’s most stylish titles.

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