Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Invincible #90 - Review


The one superhero comic book that amazes me every month went and did it again when it reached its 90th issue today. Not only is it a milestone for a creator-owned series like Invincible to reach that many issues, but it’s also a testament to an incredible creative team that keeps bringing something fresh to the rack every month. Kirkman and Ottley never skimp on story, art, and dare I say it, some of the best violence in town.

This issue found the new Invincible, formerly known as Bulletproof, taking on his first villain while being supported by Atom Eve back home. We also got some great scenes between Thragg and Dinosaurus, which ended in one of the most beautiful and violent fights between two characters that I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, we get a look into what makes Mark so special in terms of his Viltrumite heritage.

I understand that many people have jumped on The Walking Dead train, and I think that’s great. Not only has the TV show opened people up the books, but also it’s really let the masses know that comic books don’t always have to be superheroes or big science fiction stories. What I hope happens in the near future is that people realize that Invincible is the superhero story that breaks the mold and that these types of characters can be just as compelling as in any other medium.

If you read Invincible already, this is another issue you can’t miss. If you used to read the series and dropped off at some point, this is a great time to jump back on. And if you’ve never read this comic book before and have been looking for a different take on a superhero universe, I just have one question – what are you waiting for?

This issue gets a 4.5/5.

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