Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Vampire #26 - Review

WRITER: Scott Snyder

ARTIST: Roger Cruz 

COLORS: Dave McCaig 

LETTERS: Jared K. Fletcher

ASST. EDITOR: Gregory Lockard

 EDITOR: Mark Doyle


 PRICE: $2.99

Calvin Poole arrives in Midway, Alabama in 1954 and isn’t in town five minutes before trouble starts finding its way to him. As one of the few American Vampires, he’s a monster among monsters, and tries to keep his head down as he visits a person from his past life. But when he gets a cryptic warning about a band that’s visiting town, he decides to prevent a slaughter. The only problem is that he’s walked into an even worse and more horrific situation.

Written by Scott Snyder with art by Roger Cruz, American Vampire #26 is part one of two of “The Nocturnes” story arc. This issue introduces a new breed of undead that seems to be a formidable foe for the Homo Abominum Americanas (American Vampires), and could spell a whole new meaning for monsters in this series from Vertigo. Snyder never fails to introduce new characters into American Vampire that we can instantly connect with and understand. For anyone who has ever been hassled for their outward appearance or has been separated by circumstance by family members will sympathize with Poole and his situation. The 1950’s might be a new setting for these characters, but the wonderful stories are continuing on just as they started in the old west.

Cruz’s artwork is vibrant and alive. He captures the style of American Vampire but adds his own little touches in the character’s facial expressions and designs. It’s as if he guest directed an episode of a TV show rather than taking the reigns as a completely different artist. There are some great haunting moments in the panels that Cruz uses to cause spine-tingling reactions, and the last page just makes you thirst for more.

Whenever I hear someone complain about vampire movies or fiction, I always tell them that American Vampire is the exception to the undead craze. It’s really the only vampire story that I’ve been able to get behind one hundred percent in terms of story, characters, and artwork. I’ve never even seen a movie or TV show that has captured these creatures in such a unique and classic light.

This issue gets a strong 4/5. It’s not the best issue that’s been written, but damn if it isn’t still an amazing story.

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