Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Unwritten #35.5 - Review


As the epic story from Mike Carey and Peter Gross starts spiraling into its tasty conclusion, we get another point five issue this month to give us a bit more back story on how The Grid works. If you haven’t been reading The Unwritten, The Grid is a network of hired readers that are connected to the stories of the world. These readers are given stories to read in order to strengthen their influence over real life. In this story, a young man named Danny Armitage is recruited into The Grid and has been loosely connected with what’s been going on the whole time.

This issue really helped me, and probably other readers, to understand how The Cabal and The Grid actually work and why there were certain people chosen to make it operate correctly. Danny’s story is complete and separate from Tom Taylor’s story, but is also back dropped against everything that’s been happening to the main characters. These extra issues have really helped build the world of The Unwritten without forcing it on readers or feeling made up for the sake of selling more issues.

The writing and art is top notch in this issue, as they are in every other issue of this series. Everyone who I’ve introduced this comic book to fall in love with it after a single read. Hell, even my mom, who never reads comics, ate the first trade paperback up like it was a giant literary sugar cookie. I really hope that Carey and Gross get paired up again on another book from Vertigo in the near future, because this series has had everything that makes comics as a medium great, as well as stories as a whole.

This issue gets a solid 4/5 for delivering well on all fronts. I’m interested to see if Danny will crossover in the final moments of Tom’s story arc, and if he’ll be important to one of the characters that ended up “dying” in the last issue. The trades are available at any bookstore, and though this series is ending soon, it’s completely worth checking out.

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