Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saga #1 - Review

Brian K. Vaughn's Aptly Named New Series

A war between planets is taking place. Two lovers are caught in the crossfire as they reluctantly bring a child into the world. But the forces that be are being put in motion to stop them. Forces they can't possibly understand. And it's going to take all of their cunning and resources to keep them alive.

It's no secret that many people have been waiting for Brian K. Vaughn's return to comics. I'm relieved to say that he not only returned, he came back with a tour de force. Saga has all the makings of a true epic in the classic sense of the term. Within one issue we meet all of the players, get the stage set for us, and have a complete understanding of the tone of the universe that we're dropped into.

Vaughn has an uncanny ability to make someone care for a character as soon as they're presented on the page. Marko and Alana aren't just compelling, they feel like people you know. Granted one has horns and the other has wings, but they're still just as human as you and I are. The other characters, like the Robots, are incredibly fun to watch and extremely interesting.

The artwork by Fiona Staples is breathtaking. Each page and panel stands on its own as a tribute to both Vaughn's story and sequential storytelling. The landscapes and designs felt authentic, much like the original Star Wars did, and all of the characters express emotion, even when they don't have a face. Staples was definitely the correct choice for a story that's about a war torn galaxy and two lovers trying to fight off their differences and save their child.

If it sounds like I'm gushing over this book it's because I am. I felt like many titles on the shelf were getting stale, new and old, and this gives me hope that there are still some great science fiction stories out there in the minds of comic book writers. This issue gets a 5/5, and you can bet it's been added to my pull list.

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