Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1 - Review


John Carter returns to Barsoom (Mars) in order to find his long lost love and wife, Dejah Thoris, but of course runs into danger the moment he wakes up on the alien planet. With his four-armed friend Tars Tarkas at his side, the two venture into The Valley of Dor, where the Therns are rumored to rule the land. But what kinds of strange surprises are waiting for Carter and Tarkas in The Valley of Dor?

Just like the movie that was completely underrated, this comic book was tons of fun. Whether you were one of the people who saw the movie or not, it's easy to follow and thrilling to read. The action scenes are gripping, the backgrounds and characters are stunning, and the actions of Carter make you want to pick up a sword, jump onto a flying pirate ship, and do some interplanetary swashbuckling.

Sam Humphries wrote this issue and I couldn't be happier with his storytelling. This comic book adaptation from MARVEL feels authentic in terms of characterization, and I'm sure that Humphries has a lot to do with it. The artwork by Ramon Perez is just as incredible. I haven't gotten to read A Tale of Sand yet, but this book has sold me on it. He's someone who has a style all his own and is someone who is really going to shine in the comic book industry.

Since the people at Disney failed to market the movie correctly, I have some doubts that people will think to try this book out. Throw your preconceived notions out at the door and pick this book up off the shelf. Fans of the old novel series by Edgar Rice Burroughs or people who enjoyed the new film John Carter are going to find this book a welcome addition to the chronicles about Barsoom, and new readers will eat it up if they give it a chance. I'm giving this first issue a 4.5/5 for getting me excited about space epics again.

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