Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Flash #7 - Review


In this exciting issue of The Flash, written and illustrated by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, Barry Allen has to juggle fighting the new and improved Captain Cold with trying to save both Iris and Patty from two halves of a broken ship floating on frozen pillars! But if Allen accelerates too fast, his new found speed force powers could rip a hole in space and time. With Captain Cold's new abilities constantly slowing Allen down, it'll be a race against the clock to try and save the two most important people in the Scarlet Speedster's life.

Wow. That's all I can say. I've always been a fan of The Flash, especially Barry Allen, but lately he's just been in the air. In fact I heard a little kid trying to explain to his grandmother yesterday why The Flash is such a good guy and why he's important.

But I digress . . .

Francis Manapul can draw all the comic books in the world as far as I'm concerned. Every panel, every character, and every moment in this book screams fun. I'm serious. If you open up the pages you literally hear "FUN!" explode from the book. Manapul's art and storytelling culminates in what really makes a super powered romp so damn exciting. There's high stakes, the hero is constantly being challenged, and you feel a real connection with the villain. Some people might not be on board with Captain Cold's new skill set, but I'm all about it. Besides, it's just fun to say his name . . . Captain Cold!

The coloring in this book by Buccellato is to die for. Every single page could be blown up and put on someone's wall as a colorful work of art. The blending of bright and toned down colors really makes everything jump off the page so that it gets gobbled up by your eyes. It pains me that not every comic can be this vibrant and exciting at the same time.

I haven't been following this book lately, and I really hate myself for it. I jumped back on during issue six, and for my money this is what big time superheroes should be about it. There's lots of popcorn action moments, but every single one of them is backed by complex characters and motivations. Captain Cold has every right to be pissed off at The Flash. If someone caused a blackout that was going to kill your sister who desperately needed an operation, you'd be seeking some street justice too.

This book gets a 5/5 without a moment's hesitation. Because in the Central City, on Flash's turf, one hesitation could be enough to send the whole world rocketing toward oblivion.

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