Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Batman #7 - Review


I’ve been a fan of what Scott Snyder has done with Batman ever since his Detective Comics run. This ongoing title from the New 52 of the DC Universe has been one of my favorites and continues to prove it to me every month. Not only do we get the same mystery and creepy images that were brought in on the Detective books, but we also get tons of world-building story and incredible action. Each issue ups the ante of the last and puts Bruce Wayne/Batman in another horrible predicament.

The Court of Owls is turning out to be a villainous group that not only has their eyes on Batman, but on Gotham City itself. There’s an incredible final image in this issue where we get to see just how far their wingspan goes, and trust me, it’s horrifyingly awesome. All of these moments that were woven by Snyder’s words and Greg Capullo’s art come together in a beautiful way, and it shows on every page.

There are just too many good things for me to say about this series. I could dig into the plot and exactly what happened, but I want anyone reading this review to just dig in and experience it firsthand. I hear complaints all the time that publishers like DC don’t do anything original with their characters and that the storylines are repetitive. Well, I’ve never personally seen a Batman story like this, and after seven months of issues I have to say that it’s still going strong. This issue gets a 4.5/5 in both the writing and the art categories.

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