Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Justice League #6 - Review


The band is finally back together! As Darkseid continues his siege on Earth, the yet to be named group of super humans throws down with him while trying to save the planet. Meanwhile, Batman finds Superman on Apokolips being tortured and experimented on. The greatest threat in human history is knocking on Earth’s door, and there’s only one reluctant hero who can help the group achieve victory.

This issue of the new Justice League title was full of big action, larger than life settings, and finally saw the team assembled and recognized as people who aren’t out to destroy or threaten our way of life. It’s been fun to watch a new take on the origin of one of the greatest superhero teams in all of comic book history, but I’m ready for the story to move on. Luckily for us we finally get to see some activity in the present with a couple of unlikely characters.

The combination of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee is definitely one that dreams are made of. When this series started I was a bit uneasy about the characterizations and the designs of the characters. After having read the first issue and now this one I can really see the progression of these characters in this much darker DC Universe. I’m definitely more interested in what’s going on and it’s caught my attention for the time being.

So what’s the verdict? It was a really fun read. It isn’t the deep dramatic storytelling that you can find in some of the other DC titles, even ones that Johns writes himself, but it’s got that really fun dose of action and adventure that appeals to everyone. I say bring on the new modern Justice League. This one gets a 4/5.

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