Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #4 - Review


In this issue of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, written by Justin Jordan and drawn by Tradd Moore, we get a full origin of the book that transformed Luther's life and a proper introduction to the mysterious man known as The Librarian. It's an issue that builds and expands on the world that Jordan and Moore have been developing, and you can bet there's tons of fun action and violence throughout the story.

The part that was really moving was the confrontation between Luther and his father. I won't give too many details away, but after having been built up for quite some time in the first three issues it definitely takes a turn you're not expecting as a reader. If anything it gives the story even larger platforms to jump off of in terms of character direction and motivation.

The writing in the issue was really solid. It was the classic villain explaining the plot scenario, but Jordan was able to balance dialogue and images so that it never felt forced or drawn out. All of it felt authentic and kept me moving through the story at a brisk pace.

The art by Tradd Moore was just as outstanding as it's been since the first issue. I especially enjoyed the flashback scenes to the Herculean roots of the book that showcased Moore's abilities to draw different time periods and types of stories. The gore in this issue spared no expense, and though it is a very bloody book it never does it to the point of the macabre, it's always the fun sort of action and gore that only comic books can pull off.

So what's the verdict you ask? A solid 4.5/5 for this issue. I hope that after this initial arc that they get to continue the series and expand upon Luther's world and what he plans to do with his new found power.

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