Monday, January 2, 2012

Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom - Review


After three previous volumes of Locke and Key the Dark Lady is finally revealed to the Locke children, and all hell breaks loose. The fourth hardcover volume by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez builds the Locke children as key warriors and gives them some of their most dangerous challenges to date. The story and art continue to get better and better, showing that comics, just like TV shows, really can find their groove and expand upon the universe and characters in the narrative.

The thing that makes the "Keys to the Kingdom" arc so powerful is the full-circle nature of the mystery of Dodge and the creature that is possessing him. The Omega Key is the ultimate weapon in the hands of a dark soul, and the Locke kids are about to learn that they'll have to put their petty squabbles aside if they're going to team up and take down the evil that's stalking them.

The inventiveness of the keys and their abilities keeps this series fresh and the characters constantly bathed in a new light in terms of storytelling. Just when you think the plot can't take any more unexpected turns it swoops in like a hawk and goes in a whole new heart-wrenching direction. The cliffhanger of this volume alone makes you wish you had the fifth already in your hands. I guess I'll have to start reading the single issues now to catch up and find out what happens between the forces of good and evil in Keyhouse.

This volume gets a 5/5 for daring storytelling, deep character development, and some powerful visuals. If you've read all of my reviews of the series so far and are still on the fence about it you're absolutely insane. People call this one of the best comic books out there for a reason. It's time for you to find out what everyone is ranting about.

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