Sunday, January 1, 2012

Locke and Key: Head Games - Review


In the second volume of Joe Hill's Locke and Key from IDW the Locke family starts to uncover and deal with the magic surrounding them in Keyhouse. The "Head Games" story arc plays well into the mythology of the narrative and gives readers a look into the past where the fallen father of the Locke family had once experienced the same magic his children are experiencing in the present. Not to mention the supernatural, murder, and mystery levels are amped up ten-fold.

Hill's writing in this volume is just as sharp as the last, and it sets it up for some great new plot devices in following issues. The development of the villain and his backstory really adds entirely new layers to the dangers of sharing the power of Keyhouse with people who aren't family, and you start to get the sense that it might be more of a revenge story than originally thought. There's also the promise of even more strange magic afoot in the last panel of the volume, but that's a spoiler I'll leave out for those that want to read it.

Gabriel Rodriguez delivers in the art department again, and I'm warming up to the character designs at this point. The writing is so good and the rest of the art is so strong that it's hard for me to pick on Rodriguez for just drawing people's eyes and faces in a way that I'm not completely keen on. It might just be the way that Luccas is designed, but it isn't a bad thing that the villain puts me off in a visual way. If anything it might just encourage me to root for Ty, Kinsey, and Bode.

This volume of Locke and Key gets another 4/5 for a strong story, great art, and honestly a very attractive presentation in hardcover format. I'm a little sad that I haven't been following this series as much as I should have been, but I like the fact that I can finish the entire arc in one powerful collection after the other until I catch up.

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