Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Animal Man #5 - Review


This month's issue of Animal Man, written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Travel Foreman, picks up where the last issue left off with Buddy's family in danger of becoming lunch for one of The Hunters of The Rot. As Buddy and Maxine fight desperately to save their family with their ties to The Red, a small backfire puts them on the run from the dark and hungry forces that seek to devour all life on the planet. Their only hope is an ally far away who has his hands full with another powerful avatar of The Rot.

Can a series be too good? If that's the case I don't care, I'm still going to keep reading Animal Man until they stop printing it. Luckily it doesn't look like they'll quit anytime soon. The popularity of the character under Lemire and Foreman's guidance has shot Buddy Baker officially into the top slots of the comic book charts. It's a story that combines superheroics, horror, and thrills so well that it should be a must for anyone looking to bend the genres of storytelling.

There really isn't too much else I can say about how great this series is. I would stop myself from writing reviews but I feel that if I can convince one person who is on the fence about this title to hop over to the other side with one post a month then I've done my duty. When you pair this book with the work Scott Snyder is doing on Swamp Thing and their intertwining stories you've got a powerhouse of comic book lore and storytelling that most of the big two publishers are devoid of.

This issue gets a 5/5.

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