Thursday, December 8, 2011

Venom #10 - Review


If there was one aspect of Spider Island that I really enjoyed it was the team-up between Venom (Flash Thompson) and Captain America. When I saw the cover for this issue of Venom I had a bit of a nerdgasm. As Thompson buries his father and tries to put their past behind him, Jack-O-Lantern arrives at the funeral with a proposal Thompson can't refuse. With his family on the line, the symbiote slowly enveloping Thompson's psyche,and Captain America ordering the new Project Rebirth to be shut down, the stakes have never been higher in this title.

Rick Remender is not only taking Venom in a whole new direction, he's keeping it fresh and building a story and cast of characters that are forming a beautifully contained narrative while also expanding on the Marvel universe. Thompson has gone from "the lucky guy with the alien costume" to a full-fledged hero with villains, motives, mistakes, and hopes.

The artwork by Lan Medina is fast and furiously paced. It bridges nicely between a funeral, a crime boss setting, and a battle in the snow covered mountains between Venom and Captain America. There's nothing better than seeing one of my favorite characters jack another one of my favorite character's rides. Although I'm interested to know if it was planned to have Steve Rogers get his rear end kicked by both Venom and Deadpool in the same week? Probably just a coincidence.

I'm going to give this issue a 4/5 for being a fun issue and the start of a great new arc. There were tense moments, great action scenes, and complex characters. If you haven't been reading about Marvel's other web-slinger, you're missing out. I can only hope that the new Scarlet Spider series will be just as good.

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