Friday, December 9, 2011

Swamp Thing #4 - Review


As a small child with the power of the rot makes his way across the country spreading death and disease, Dr. Alec Holland finds himself with a woman he only knew as the monster Swamp Thing. The power of the green reaches out to Dr. Holland and pleads with him to become their warrior king and defeat the rot before it can take over. It promises him that he’ll have the full support of the green and the red (Animal Man) at his side, and shows him the entire history of Swamp Things over the span of the Earth. As Dr. Holland wrestles with his destiny as a monster, the rot continues to build power and plans to eradicate all life as we know it.

Scott Snyder and Marco Rudy have put together another gorgeous issue of Swamp Thing in the New 52. Snyder has not only brought the character back into the mainstream, but he’s also expanded on the mythology of the character and made the creature more of a symbol of the Earth than a plant monster. The dream sequences where Dr. Holland talks to the other avatars of the green is a sight to behold, and both Snyder and Rudy deserve credit for painting such a mesmerizing picture on the page.

The corner of the DC Universe that Swamp Thing and Animal Man are carving out with their intertwining stories is one of the best that’s going on in comics to date. The story in each title keeps building to the big confrontation with the rot, and I for one am excited as hell to see the green and the red team up to destroy the forces of death and preserve life.

This issue of Swamp Thing gets a 4.5/5 for continuing another wonderful story by the talent Snyder. If you’re enjoying this book I also recommend Synder’s Batman and American Vampire which is available through Vertigo.

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