Friday, December 9, 2011

The Nerdist Way - Review

Nerdists ASSEMBLE!

Are you a nerd looking to simplify your life and find an excuse to stop procrastinating with video games, movies, and TV? Do you have creative aspirations but just don't know where to start? Then you're in luck, because stand-up comedian and Nerdist Industries founder Chris Hardwick has written a productivity book just for you! The Nerdist Way is a combination of self-help, self-discovery, and self-improvement for the people who love popular culture, science fiction, and anything else that might separate them from the “jocks” or “populars.”

The book is split up into three different sections: Mind, Body, and Time. Each section is divided into multiple chapters and has various sections for different topics. Which include treating your life like an RPG (role-playing game), learning to live a healthier lifestyle, and devoting your day to getting the most out of your hours and minutes. All of this sound daunting and over-complicated, but that's the beauty of Hardwick's book, it simplifies everything!

The Nerdist Way is the perfect companion for anyone who has been looking for the jumping off point for their nerdy or even normal career. It doesn't just give tips that are helpful to people who play Dungeons and Dragons, the information here can help anyone who wants to run a small business or just plain get more things done in their life.

Hardwick's writing style is just like his comedy in the sense that it's very conversational and makes you feel like you're having a cup of coffee with him rather than being thrown information between two covers. He isn't afraid to poke fun at himself, throw in jokes with information, or deviate from the topic in order to relate more to the reader (though it's always worth it). He even goes in-depth enough to let people get a glimpse at his dark years in his twenties, which he chalks up as a learning experience and a life lesson he couldn't do without. It really does give people hope who don't have any self-esteem or drive to chase their dreams down and sink their teeth into them.

If you're looking for self-improvement and time management to put your life of comic books, video games, and fan fiction into a nice neat pile and have it start working for you and your goals then this is the book for you. I'm giving it a solid 5/5 for it's relaxed attitude, wonderful information, and effective techniques.

If you want to learn more about Hardwick and Nerdist Industries, visit

As a personal side note, I'd like to take the time to say that if you're not sold on Mr. Hardwick as a writer, you can at least revel in the fact that he's a genuinely cool guy. He hosts Web Soup, works on Attack of the Show, and helps a multitude of other podcasters on the Nerdist Network.

When I met him this past March in Ferndale, MI after one of his stand-up shows (which was wonderful), he and musician Mike Phirman were kind enough to take a picture with my friends and I, posing in the classic Ghostbusters movie poster stance.

(That's the former Warp Whistle Podcast crew --Brandon Twa, Matt Hartdegen, and me (far right) minus Nic Kanaar who couldn't be there -- with Mr. Hardwick and Mr. Phirman (who is a very talented musician))

Second side note: I've lost 50 lbs. since this picture, also thanks to Hardwick and the Nerdist Podcast for introducing me to Tim Ferris. I've gushed enough, now go buy the book.

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  1. Great book. I haven't had a drink in 4 months since I read it.Just helped immensely.