Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Muppets - Movie Review


When Walter, Gary (Jason Segel), and Gary's girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) go to Los Angeles to visit Muppet Studios, they find the building in ruins and an evil oil tycoon named Tex Richman (Chris Cooper)who wants to turn the landmark into an oil rig. It's up to Walter to rally Kermit the Frog and the other Muppets to put on one last show to try and save the theater and their legacy in popular culture.

I used to watch The Muppet Show all the time as a kid. "Pigs in Space" was one of my favorite sketches, especially the one that guest starred Mark Hamil. So how does this new movie stack up after having The Muppets put into obscurity?

It's just plain fun.

It has a very lighthearted nature that lends itself to the old movies and it doesn't try to make itself more edgy or dark like many other older properties have tried to do. They actually make a ton of jokes about this in the narrative and it plays off the characters really well.

The story is mostly about Walter realizing that he's been a Muppet all along, and Gary learns how to live without his brother and give Mary the attention she deserves. Kermit tries to fix his relationship with Miss Piggy, and many of the other Muppets have their own little stories. There's wonderful guest cameos by stars like Jack Black and Donald Glover, and really catchy songs depicted by some of your favorite characters from The Muppet's past.

I recommend this movie for anyone who wants a film that the whole family can enjoy, or wants to watch the felt characters of yesteryear make their triumphant comeback. I'm giving it 4.5/5 for being itself. Which is really what the entire theme of the movie was in the first place.

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