Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Green Lantern #4 - Review


I don't usually start my reviews this way, but I'd like to say that this month's issue of Green Lantern has a very fitting and beautiful cover. That being said, this really is an issue about Sinestro challenging his own corps and wrestling with the guilt of having his home world turned into a slave planet by those he entrusted with power. Even though he and Hal Jordan have arrived to liberate the citizens of Korugar, the people aren't excited about being rescued by Sinestro.

Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke were the creative team on this issue, and I feel like Johns pretty much owns the Lantern-verse at this point. We still get a ton of sad-sack Hal, which I'm sure will pass when he gets back on his feet, but we're also getting loads of wonderful Sinestro moments that are really fleshing him out as a character. I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not I'd like him back in the yellow outfit or to stay in green, and that means Johns is doing his job.

The artwork by Mahnke is what I've come to expect from him, and there are plenty of great ring construct moments that showcase his ability to ring sling with the best of them. It takes a really artistic touch to make the reader believe that everything is actually happening on the page, especially when it comes to a science fiction story like Green Lantern.

The continuing arc about Sinestro is really entertaining, and I think it was a bold move to start him out as the focus of the title when the New 52 hit the shelves. This issue gets a solid 4/5, and just proves my point even further that you really have to go to the comics for the truly powerful Green Lantern stories.

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