Thursday, December 8, 2011

Animal Man #4 - Review


Buddy Baker and his daughter Maxine are going toe-to-toe with two of the Hunters Three as the third stalks the rest of the Baker family. As the avatars of the red explain to Baker what role he plays in the web of life the stakes are raised and the promise of harder and more horrific battles to come are promised by the ancient beings. Baker will have to accept his new role as his daughter's bodyguard as well as father if he's going to protect the world from the power of the rot.

Written by Jeff Lemire with pencils by Travel Foreman, Animal Man #4 is yet another notch in the DC Comics belt for their New 52. Baker is back and better than ever as he throws himself into danger to protect others faster than the claws that are trying to tear him apart. It's no surprise that Baker is slowly becoming one of the comic book community's new favorite heroes. Lemire has gained his fame in the world of indie comics and is bringing his strong characterizations to one of DC's most underrated characters. It just goes to show how even an obscure hero can take the spotlight with the right creative team.

Foreman's art is something to behold on this issue as he depicts monsters whose bodies morph at will and avatars of life that are composed of animals and men fallen throughout the ages. The entire book can shift from the surreal in the red to the realistic in Ellen's mother's house. It really showcases the broad spectrum of Foreman's ability to tell Lemire's complex stories.

I give this issue a solid 5/5 for continuing one of my favorite comic book story arcs. The promise that he'll soon be running into Dr. Alec Holland AKA Swamp Thing excites me to the levels of a schoolgirl seeing New Kids on the Block back in the 90's.

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