Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Unwritten 31.5 - Review

The Cabal's History

I'm not usually big on ".5" issues of comics. I think Marvel does it a little bit too much and it rarely ever serves the story. This is one of those cases when it proves the stereotype wrong. In this issue of The Unwritten we get a look at some of the history of book destruction that the Cabal has been a part of with Pullman at the forefront of the destruction. We learn about the various time periods, consequences, and plots of the secret society and how they shaped history with literature. All of this leads to the coming origin of Pullman, which I personally can't wait for.

Mike Carey and Peter Gross have stolen my heart in the realm of comics once again this week. The mixture of different art, time periods, and journal entries makes this seem like a secret society actually could have been destroying literature. With the literary blackout of the Dark Ages and the lost texts of the Anglo Saxon period, it just makes sense that someone would be destroying them on purpose. I'm not saying this is true, I'm just saying it's good enough to make me question it. It doesn't have Tom Taylor in it, which might be a drawback for some readers, but I think it's important to expand on the villain that Taylor will eventually be facing.

This book gets a strong 4.5/5, and not just because it's a ".5" issue. It's nearly perfect, and for being over 31 issues deep that's a huge accomplishment. I'm considering picking up the trades even after I've collected all the single issues as they're released. It's just that good.

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