Saturday, November 12, 2011

Irredeemable #31 - Review


Mark Waid continues to impress me with the newest issue of Irredeemable. He's creating a cast of characters that feel as if they've been around for generations even though they've only lived a short 31 issue life. In this chapter we learn the history of Carey's powers and how they were distributed through his brothers. The Plutonian also gets a shock when two strange radioactive beings are released on the world. Has the Earth doomed itself even further? Can anyone stop the horrors that are threatening humanity? Only time will tell.

Waid and Diego Barreto have paired up and delivered another powerful story. The movement between the pages and panels feels so fluid it's sometimes scary. I could feel all of the tensions and emotions of the characters, and the big reveals in the story really caught my attention and made me want to jump in a time machine to get the next issue. I really can't say too much about things that I liked in this issue for fear of spoiling it for others, so I'll just recommend that everyone read it.

If you haven't been reading Irredeemable or Incorruptible I really think you're missing out. This issue gets a solid 5/5 for continuing one of the best new superhero epics of the past few years. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this might be the next Watchmen. What makes this better? More time with the characters and a much bigger threat on the planet and humanity. There's no plan to save our planet's face, only a plot to burn it down.

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