Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Invincible #85 - Review

A Coming Storm

Nolan and Deborah are "busy" rekindling their romance as they head toward Allen the Alien, who is faced with a tough decision. All of the Viltrumites who once plagued the universe have congregated on Earth under a deal with Nolan that they will remain peaceful. But Allen and the rest of the Coalition of Planets can't take that risk. Allen has become a strong ally to the Grayson family and has even become a caretaker to Oliver, Nolan's other son. The decision he has to make isn't easy, but when the universe is counting on you, you can't leave room for mistakes.

Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by original artist Cory Walker, this issue of Invincible showcased how Nolan has grown as a character and how he wants to atone for the sins of his people and the mistrust he put into his family. It's not a very action-packed issue, but the coming slug fest between Nolan and Allen is going to be one that readers aren't going to want to miss.

This series is just plain fun. It's always had a very light atmosphere with very violent undertones and complex characters. I can see why Kirkman has basically become the king of Image comics. His work always has characters that are easy to relate to, have strong motives, and make you want to read issue after issue. I feel guilty that I haven't finished the first compendium of the series yet. But I plan on fixing that this weekend.

This issue gets a 4/5 for being a great issue. As the 85th issue I hope to the comic book gods that there are 85 more in the future.

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