Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Animal Man #3 - Review


Buddy and Maxine Baker have encountered The Totems, which are the representatives of The Red and all of life on Earth. As The Hunters move in to kill Buddy's family and take control of The Red, Buddy learns that his origins aren't what he has been led to believe. And the only person who can stop all life from being devoured by the rot of The Hunters, is his daughter Maxine.

Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Travel Foreman, Animal Man continues to be one of the best ongoing comic books this year. Lemire is taking the story into a surreal and powerful direction just like Grant Morrison did in the late eighties, but is putting his own spin and flavor on the characters. Animal Man has become a character that can explore realms of the DC Universe that no other character can, and this title is a direct reflection of that.

Foreman's artwork is still nothing short of breathtaking. It's disgusting and artistic all at the same time. The Hunters are depicted as truly horrifying chimeras of sinew and bone, and I can't wait to see the final confrontation between them and Maxine. Not to say Buddy doesn't throw his weight around in this issue, too. There's some great fight scenes with Buddy beating back The Hunters as well as he can. It's a loosing battle, but Buddy's struggle is well paced, incredibly drawn, and has real emotion behind it.

I'm going to give this month's issue of Animal Man a solid 5/5 for both the writing and the art. I can't say enough good things about it.

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