Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spider Island - Retrospective


This week finished off the "Spider Island" event at Marvel Comics in which all of New York City is infected with Spider-Man's trademark superpowers. It soon leads to an infestation spanning multiple comic book titles and creating monsters that threaten to infect the entire world. After reading the event in most of the Marvel Comics titles that it tied with, I have to say that I enjoyed the event on the whole, but I'm more hopeful of what the ending might mean.


By the end of the event we have the return of Kaine, Peter Parker's clone, who will no doubt either become Scarlet Spider or a new Spider-Man character. I really do hope it's Scarlet Spider, because he's one of my favorite Marvel characters.

We also have Mary Jane confess her love for Peter Parker after fighting a battle only the two of them could win together. They understand each other even more now that she has had a taste of his powers and superhero life. In fact she could have kept her powers without mutating as quickly as everyone else because of their romantic history together.

I did like the team-up of Captain America and Venom in the last couple of issues. I'd really like to see these two work together more in the Marvel Universe, and I thought that Flash and Rogers reflected the new-age that Marvel is breaking into with their military characters.


So basically I'd recommend it when it comes out in trade. It might be cut together in a way that will be easier to read, but even some of the larger spreads that jump around are easy to figure out if you give them time. On average I'd give the event a 4/5. Which is pretty good for a story that spans multiple titles from various viewpoints.

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