Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Incorruptible #23 - Review


Max Damage and The Plutonian have an epic battle outside of Coalville as The Plutonian demands to know where Alana is. As the entire world watches the former supervillain and former superhero duke it out, Max tells something to The Plutonian that no one will see coming.

Written by Mark Waid and drawn by Marcio Takara, this issue of Incorruptible was nothing short of awesome. It was a slug fest that's been in the works for a long time, and now that I know both of these character so well it really feels like a payoff to have the two of them duke it out over a vast landscape.

The writing by Waid in this issue is very subtle and scarce. It's mostly action, so the few words we do get are a bit more poignant. I really like that about this issue and it definitely made it a quick read. It showed how similar a hero and a villain really can be when it comes to their lives in the spotlight. The public is always willing to root for whoever is backing their horse.

The art by Takara was very fluid and fun. The panels had a very animated feel to them and I could easily fill in the gaps in the gutters as my eyes slid from one page to the next. I would be pleased if he continued drawing this title from now on, but I know that's something that's out of my power.

Overall I'm going to give this issue a 4.5/5 for being another incredible installment to a great series. It's the huge battle fans of Incorruptible and Irredeemable have been waiting for and it didn't disappoint. I can only hope they get to do it again sometime in the near future.

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